Netanyahu Admits Israel Has Killed 13,000 Civilians… and Silence

Israelis massacred over 40,000 innocent men, women, babies, and children; about 70,000 lost their limbs, and tens of thousands are still missing under rubble.

If this was about Hamas, they could target the Hamas center in Gaza, which can be seen from satellites very easily! But they are not after Hamas because Israel and Netanyahu created Hamas to divide Palestine into two parts: Gaza and the West Bank. Israel created the entire fasād between Fatah and Hamas because when you divide Palestine into two groups, then they become weaker and easier to destroy! That was the entire plan, but since Arabs are not very smart, they always fall into these types of traps made by Jews and Non-Muslims!

The Zionists also massacred Israeli People on October 7, 2023, and then blamed Hamas and innocent Palestinians! Jews and Palestinians are NOT safe in Israel and Palestine because of the Zionist Terrorist Organization under Netanyahu and his extremist Zionist Terrorist Group!