Start Selling

Start Selling is a B2B and B2C multi-vendor International Business Marketplace helping Entrepreneurs sell their products to the global buyers is a Business to Consumers and Business to Business multi-vendor International Marketplace to help Ummah to sell their products to the global buyers. Join the creative marketplace where millions of buyers around the world willing to buy what you have for sale regardless where you are.

Please go through the information below to see how we partner with vendors. Once you read it then kindly let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


We help Entrepreneurs, Startups and Established Businesses sell their products to global buyers. Our niche is that we are a marketplace built for Ummah in mind to sell products which helps us to target specific consumers and markets, making it easier for international customers to find what they are looking for. Our vendor partners can list their products on as well as on other marketplaces. This is a non-exclusive agreement.

How We Work

  • We do not buy in bulk, drop shipping only. Listing on is Free. There are no hidden fees or monthly payments.
  • You, as our vendor partner, will send the invoice to the buyer for each sale.
  • For tangible products our partnership margin starts at 9% for each sale, this means you will keep the 91%.
  • For downloadable Software, SaaS, Apps and other digital products our partnership margin starts at 20% for each sale.

How it works

You create your vendor account on Marketplace and list your own products for us to help you sell. We will do all the Organic SEO, relevant Meta work and content management, free.

We will do all the Organic SEO, Marketing and Content Management for you. You will be provided with the full credentials to login and edit your vendor account at

Payment and Shipping 

For each successful sale, we send you the payment using either PayPal, Stripe or Escrow (for auctions), including the customer’s info (you will have these details in your Vendor Dashboard). Once you get the payment you can then ship the product. You’ll have a fully functional ecommerce platform to monitor all of your inventory, statistics, sales and reports.

Customer Support

You are in charge of customer support before and after sales. Potential customers will contact you using the Product Inquiry Form on your product page. Buyers can also contact you directly after the purchase.

How we market at 

  • Organic SEO with Premium Software and SEO Engineering
  • Social Media for Reader Engagement
  • Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms
  • Direct Mail / Email Marketing
  • Videos, including your own product videos
  • Business Networking, Events, Referrals and Word of Mouth.
  • Tech Fairs and Trade Shows (vital to building strong client relations)
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Other methodologies such as paid advertising
  • Affiliate Network – Our affiliates place our products where their visitors, customers and friends will see it and they earn cash on every qualifying sale made through their ads by sending their customers to our website.
  • Collaborative Digital Marketing (Vendors’ own efforts with link sharing, forwarding and other social media activities).
  • To help promote your products for SEO back-linking purposes, it is important that you also link your’s store or product URL on your own website, and share on your social media.