Qur’an: Surah 6, Ayah 159 “Surely they who divided their religion (islam) into parts and become sects (tarikah) etc., you have no concern with them; their affairs is only with Allah, then He will inform them what they did. “

Arabic           English
AL               =   The
LAH           =   Creator
ALLAH    =  “The Creator” of all things, seen and unseen, worlds and heavens, Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad, Moses, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Adam, Eve, Mary, Noah, You and I.

MUSLIM = One who rejects any other deity and worships only to
Allah alone.  A Muslim doesn’t worship to creation but Creator.

ISLAM = The Monotheistic Message that was reviled by The Almighty Creator (Allah) to all prophets for them to convey about worship none but Allah alone without any association and partner, son, daughter, wife etc. Allah is self sufficient, has no son or wife.

QUR’AN = The Divine Message from Allah to His creation.

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